The 480 sq.m. private residence was originally designed back in the 70’s for a single owner in a  modern (1970’s) brutalist style.

The plan was to divide it in three separate apartments for his children and make all necessary adjustments to meet today’s needs. The dilemma was to whether to keep the 70’s style or not, especially when the adjustments were to bring radical changes in both the exterior and interior.

Our strategy was based in finding a balance between the “old” and the “new”, between the respect of the existing and the rebirth of the building. The first step was to comprehend the building. A thorough set of survey measurements and  careful photographic indexing built a detailed picture of the existing situation. Then, the proposed spatial arrangement met the needs for any new electromechanical and energy-saving installations. The style was thus kept modernist, reminiscent of the past, but at the same time was brought up to meet all contemporary aesthetic lines. Colours and textures were slightly changed eventually and the final outcome will be lighter and simplified.

The project is complete and published in Ktirio technical magazine.

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