Project Description

In order to optimize the investment of a relatively small ground floor apartment, approximately 110 sq.m. the client requested break it down to smaller apartments. The space, originally designed in a neoclassical style maintained a clearance height of 3.75 m.

The proposal aimed for 4 micro-apartments addressed to university students or digital nomads living across Piraeus. A metal mezzanine level would be added to boost the living area and clever carpentry solutions would enhance the storage area. Living room, kitchen and study area are located on the ground floor lever, whereas the sleeping space would occupy the mezzanine level.

All apartments would be unique in style, following the boutique-hotel strategy. Inspired by the forces of nature, the colours of each one reflected the Sky, the Sea, the Olive tree and Lava. Therefore, all colours and materials were carefully chosen to match the Natural concept.