Project Description

The 3.420 sq.m.building was initially built in 1970 to host the Girl Scouts Association – a Center for Education and Welfare. In 2004 it was renovated by Tombazis and Associates Architects. When Aktios Elderly Care Units first discussed changing the building to an Elderly Care Unit, it was proved necessary to find ways to connect each one of the 4 levels to each other with high-speed elevators.

The steep slope and underlying hard stone terrain together with the 103 m long facade made it a difficult and challenging task.

Rearranging interior spaces and finding the exact position to connect the levels with each other resulted on a project developed in 3 phases; separate building permits for each phase of the project, three separate elevators to transform the building for better daily operation.

The project lasted 3 years altogether (2014-2017).

The Elderly Care Unit hosts 120 beds in 4 levels, each level for guests with special needs. Rehabilitation areas are located on a different level to living areas and each level holds its own common areas. Since dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are very common, the Elderly Care Strategy involved a dynamic model with close interaction and brain stimulation in many ways. Vivid colours and clean-cut lines and shapes, together with heavy-duty materials were important.