Studio and Private Movie room

A cozy relaxation space

The approx. 45 sq.m. old sttorage space was transformed into a private studio and movie room – a place to study, a private library and display space, a drawing room and a place to enjoy movie nights.  The client request was about dividing space in two major parts: the library/display, and the study/movie room. Due to the linear character of the existing building shell, we placed a simple wooden construction circling around the room and maintained a small part for display. Comic books, literrature, poetry in different parts. The design aimed to combine modern with traditional elements. Wooden beams and directional spotlights are combined with fans. The second half, a study place with lots of shelves for books and equipment and a small kitchenette on the side. The couple wishes to spend movie nights in a cozy and colourful space.

The project is currently under construction.