Psychomotor Therapy Unit, 2016

A playful children’s area for personal evolvement

Psychomotor therapy is an alternative therapeutical method focusing on the psychomotor children development. It usually refers to children of pre-school and first school ages aiming to provide support against all cognitive, emotional, behavioural or somatic type problems. “Playgym” team worked together with us to choose the best possible location to develop the Therapy premises. Split levels was a must due to the request for high ceilings and the ability to host all related equipment such as trampolines, moving platforms, climbing walls, etc. The program included musical and theatrical play, pcychokinetic exercises, children’s sports and various activities. The ergo-therapy  rooms include sensory integration equipment. The desired result would be a cozy friendly space providing sense of security. For that reason we used colour combinations deriving from the brand identity as handed over by the client. Maximum spatial flexibility and playfulness was our main aim. The project was completed in 2016 and published in 2017.

Before And After