Odyssey Bay Resort Complex

8 km seafront

A unique area of a total 2 million sq.m. located in Odyssey Bay (where Odysseus/Ulysses the shore where was washed out according to Homer’s Odyssey) north of Preveza and right next to a natural reserve of river Acheron was specially designed to host a new hotel complex.

The preliminary study for this ground-up project was based on a careful landscape analysis in order to best preserve the fragile landscape and efficiently manage to integrate all architectural proposals to the surroundings.

The proposal involves four separate full-scale hotel units of approx. 40.000 sq. m. , each one with a main building and private villas by the sea spread along an 8 km seafront.

Two new marinas for guest yachts, three beachfront areas and two golf courses were delicately integrated in the landscape.

The project was designed in 2021.