Private residence in Thisseio, 2024

A corner property in 5 levels

This ground-up project was located in Thisseio, Athens, in a very small (approx. 122 sq.m.) corner plot.

The client requested several private spaces, a rooftop leisure area and a separate basement for guests. The building was designed as a vertical sculprural element with a sequence of different materials to avoid a typical apartment block’s impression. Colours and textures, massive volumes and voids were bound together to form the final result.

The project is now in building permit issuing state and is scheduled for completion in 2025.

Architectural Design & Construction Supervision: Harry Papaioannou & Associates

Project Architect: Mariliza Kampoli

Design Team: Harry Papaioannou, Mariliza Kampoli

3D Visualisation: Mariliza Kampoli