Private garden in Antiparos island

An artistic view of the landscape between public and private spaces

The approx. 11.500 sq.m. land plot in Antiparos island holds an amazing view to Paros and the Aegean.

The three houses were built in such a way as to protect a private feeling and maintain the views without blocking one another. The existing road was a problem, as it restricted the circulation and relevant access points. The idea was to find a perfect balance between private and public, full accessibilty for all guests without crossing the private spaces. A main swimming pool with a large pergola, outdoor dining area and changing rooms was placed in close relation to all houses.

Traditional materials were treated on an artistic manner and strong vivid colours contrast with subtle earth tones.

The overall design was developed in 2 months time and the project was realised in only 4 months despite the rainy weather.