Private Roof garden in Kastella, 2016

An existing rooftop turned into a private paradise

The approx. 350 sq.m. 4th floor rooftop in Kastella, Piraeus was divided in 120 sq.m. common spaces and another 20 sq.m. that belonged to the 3rd floor owner. He wished to use his part as a daily garden refuge. The surrounding common spaces with antennas and service devices, the surrounding buildings and the strong winds were significant factors to take into account. The rest of the building owners objected to a fixed pergola so we had to explore alternative solutions. We proposed a 3-part enclosed space in order to block all unwanted views. We directed our design to the main Kastella harbour view and set our design program. A barbeque area, a 4-persons jacuzzi, loungers and dining areas would be our main focus. In order to develop the garden effect, we used natural materials such as iroko wooden deck and a surrounding natural garden. The planting was done in gradient heights and colour hues to promote perspective. High, medium and low shrubs were carefully chosen to resist the winds and preserve durability; higher species were tied up to the ground to prevent falling off due to strong winds. Shading was done with large size umbrellas and in order to complement the cozy garden effect we chose several lighting scenarios.

Before And After