Vertigo Bar

Connecting the Interior Design to Landscape Design

The project was a fruitful collaboration between Rania Pavlidou & Associates design office (interior design) and Harry Papaioannou & Associates (landscape design). The vast 600 sq.m. outdoor space revolved around the existing building shell and orientation was a problem for the guest. We proposed a series of strong design water elements to form the entrance (the beginning of our exploration), the backyard garden (the end of our exploration) and the middle standpoint. All 3 points involved water elements, both static and dynamic. To connect the dots, we chose a straight line, a lighting feature with changing colour (RGB). The main entrance involved a cascade with imposing concrete columns arising from the water. The middle point was a cubicle water fountain (program – operating) to propose a dynamic vertical water gesture and finally, the end-point was a triplet of water fountains proposing a static image. The main outdoor bar was the connecting element between the middle and the back. We proposed several focal points to each circulation route such as a perforated red scenic wall. Shading was achieved in various ways; metal pergolas, big trees and a system of sailing tents combined in different colours and heights.